Album to be released in September

There is a nice article about us in FRET, the magazine of the Dutch Pop Institute (NPI). Contrary to what has been written there, though, we have decided to postpone the release of Brittle Hearts until September. We would like to concentrate on the mastering and PR, and it seems that, if we finished the album this month it would be a rush job. As you probably all will be on holiday during the summer months, the best thing to do is to present the album in September. To be more precise, we will have a release party on September 16 at the Ekko in our hometown Utrecht. We will undergo your floods of abuse shame-facedly and meekly ask for forgiveness. And, needless to say, we'll keep you updated.


Our first full-lenght album is due to come out in May. It will be titled Brittle Hearts and will contain some oldies (including re-workings of some of the songs on the EPs) and ofcourse a bunch of new songs. Check out this site regularly as we keep you informed on the exact release date.
To kill some time in-between, you can expect some acoustic versions of Paper Moon songs in our Music section pretty soon.

Track of the week!
We've been moving on up the Alternative's charts for a while now, holding a steady 5th place. And now they liked 'The Lost Parade' so much they've decided to make it Track of the Week, which means the song will be in the spotlight for a while starting December 1st. Go check it out.

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